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Accepting orders for the Easter holiday! 

Orders will be taken until Sunday, April 5 at 7 pm.

Sliced Baked Ham   $5.00/lb


Meatballs in a Gravy/BBQ Sauce  $5.00/lb


Ham & String Beans  $4.00/lb


Chicken Pot Pie  $5.00/lb


Potato Filling  $3.50/lb


Buttered Corn   $3.50/lb


Green Beans   $3.50/lb


Vegetable Beef Soup   $7.95/quart


Crab Bisque  $8.95


Hot Bacon Dressing $4.00/pint  $8.00/quart


 Cole Slaw, Pepper Cabbage,

Chow Chow, Pickled Beets, Potato

 Salad, Macaroni Salad, Applesauce

   $ 3.50/pint   $7.00/quart


Dinner rolls  .50 each

One lb = one pint feeds 2-3 people

Two lbs = one quart feeds 4-6 people


All foods sold cold.

This is a scaled backlist of our entire pie list.  Please note that these pies listed will be the only ones available for the Easter holiday.


Pick-up will be Saturday, April 11,

2 pm to 8 pm


Phone orders only.


Whole Pies  10”


Apple Crumb   $17


Caramel Apple Crumb  $18


Apple Tart (no crumbs)   $16


Cherry Crumb   $17


Blueberry-Peach Crumb   $17


Peach Crumb   $17 


Lemon Sponge   $16


Blueberry Custard   $16


Blueberry-Raspberry Custard   $16


Coconut Custard   $16


Molasses Coconut   $16


Coconut Pecan   $16


Pecan   $17


Bourbon Choc. Chip Pecan   $18


French Silk   $17


Peanut Butter   $16


Shoofly   $16


Deep Dish Egg Custard   $23


Deep Dish Blueberry Custard  $23


Deep Dish Coconut Custard   $23

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