Thanksgiving Pie and Sides List

Accepting orders for the Thanksgiving holiday starting Wed. Oct. 27


Orders for Thanksgiving are taken until Sunday, November 21st at 3 pm.


All Pies 10 inch




Potato Filling $3.75/pound

(We suggest a half-pound per person, and an extra pound or two for leftovers.)


Hot Bacon Dressing

$4.00/pint $8.00/quart


Homemade Cole Slaw, Pepper Cabbage, Chow Chow, Pickled Beets

$ 4.00/pint (pound)

$8.00/quart (2 pounds)


Pickup for all orders will be from Noon until 7 pm on Wed. Nov. 24th.


Phone orders only, please. Please no orders through text, email, Facebook, or other social media.

Apple Crumb $17


Caramel Apple Crumb $19


Apple Walnut Cheese Crumb $19


Apple-Pear Crumb $17


Apple Tart (no crumbs) $17


Cherry Crumb $17


Cherry-Blueberry Crumb $17


Blueberry-Peach Crumb $17


Peach Crumb $17


Raisin Crumb $17


Lemon Sponge $17


Blueberry Custard $17

Blueberry-Raspberry Custard $17


Bourbon Buttermilk Custard $17


Coconut Custard $17


Pumpkin $17

Molasses Coconut $17


Coconut Pecan $17


Coconut Cream $17


Pecan $17


Bourbon Choc. Chip Pecan $18


Funny Cake $17


French Silk $17


Peanut Butter $17


Shoofly $17


Amish Vanilla $17


Deep Dish Egg Custard $24


Deep Dish Blueberry Custard $24


Deep Dish Blueberry-Raspberry Custard $24


Deep Dish Red Raspberry Custard $24


Deep Dish Coconut Custard $24


Cakes and cheesecakes will not be available.