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Christmas Pie List

Accepting orders for the Christmas holiday starting Wed. Nov. 29

Orders will be taken until Sunday, December 17th at 7pm. 


Potato Filling  $4/pound

We suggest a half pound per person, and an extra pound or two for leftovers.

We are making a total of 300 pounds of potato filling. 

Hot Bacon Dressing    $4.00/pint  $8.00/quart

Homemade Cole Slaw, Pepper Cabbage, Chow Chow, Pickled Beets, Creamy Cucumber Salad (Limited amount)    $ 4.00/pint      $8.00/quart

Pickup for all orders will be from 8am until Noon on Sunday, Dec. 24
Phone orders only. Please no orders through text, email, Facebook, or other social media.  


We will be baking a maximum of 250 pies.

Apple Crumb   $18

Caramel Apple Crumb  $20

Apple Walnut Cheese Crumb   $20

Apple-Pear Crumb   $18

Apple Tart (no crumbs)   $18

There will be a total of 60 apple pies available.

Cherry Crumb   $19

Blueberry-Peach Crumb   $18

Peach Crumb   $19

Lemon Sponge   $18

Blueberry Custard   $18

Bourbon Buttermilk Custard   $19

Coconut Custard   $18

Pumpkin   $18  (40 available)

Coconut Pecan   $18

Coconut Cream  $18   (20 available)

Peaches & Cream   $19

Pecan   $19

Bourbon Choc. Chip Pecan   $19

French Silk   $18   (20 available)

Peanut Butter   $18   (20 available)


Shoofly   $18

Key lime   $18

Deep Dish Custard Pies, All $24:


Blueberry, Blueberry-Red Raspberry,


Red Raspberry, Coconut, Pumpkin

There will be a total of 30 deep-dish custards available.

PieCaken. Red velvet cake on top of cheesecake

on top of pecan pie, covered with vanilla buttercream frosting. No substitutions.

Only 8 available. $50 each

Cakes and cheesecakes will not be available.


All non-cash (credit/debit card) purchases will also include a 4% surcharge.


Prices listed do not include sales tax.

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