Homemade Pies

Take home a whole homemade pie to enjoy with family and friends!  Choose from our extensive selection of popular classics and PA Dutch favorites.


Pies are available with a day’s notice.  However, those marked with a * indicate seasonal pies or pies that need 2 days advance notice.  Please be sure to call for availability before placing your pie order.

Pies are available any time of the year, except for on Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.  Certain pies are not available during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Please inquire before ordering.  Whole pies are available for take-out only.  Pie is available for sale in the restaurant by the slice only.

We ask that you please order pies by calling the restaurant at 610-562-8520 instead of through the website.


Apple Crumb   $17
Apple w/ lid   $18
Caramel Apple Crumb  $19
Apple Walnut Cheese Crumb   $18
Apple-Pear Crumb   $17
Apple Tart (no crumbs or lid)   $17
Cherry Crumb   $17
Cherry w/ lid   $18
Blueberry-Peach Crumb   $17
Blueberry-Peach w/ lid   $18
Raspberry-Peach Crumb   $17
Peach Crumb   $17
Peach w/ lid   $18
Strawberry-Peach Crumb*  $17
Strawberry-Peach w/ lid   $18
Rhubarb Crumb*   $17
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb*   $17
Raisin Crumb   $17
Lemon Sponge   $17
Fresh Strawberry*   $17
Glazed Strawberry Cream*   *18
Rhubarb Custard*   $17
Blueberry Custard   $17
Peach Custard   $17
Blueberry-Peach Custard   $17

Red Raspberry Custard   $17

Raspberry-Peach Custard   $17

Blueberry-Raspberry Custard   $17

Pumpkin Custard*   $17

Buttermilk Custard   $17

Chocolate Buttermilk Custard   $17
Bourbon Buttermilk Custard  $18
Coconut Custard   $17
Molasses Coconut   $17
Coconut Pecan   $17
Coconut Cream*   $17
Pecan   $17
Chocolate Pecan   $17
Bourbon Choc. Chip Pecan Pie   $18
Almond Macaroon   $17
German Chocolate   $17
Chocolate Chip   $17
Walnut Molasses   $17
Oatmeal Pie   $17
Funny Cake   $17
Peanut Butter   $17
French Silk   $17
Amish Vanilla   $17
Milk Pie   $16
Shoofly   $17
Key Lime*   $17
Mincemeat*   $21

Deep Dish Egg Custard
Deep Dish Blueberry Custard
Deep Dish Blueberry-Red Raspberry Custard
Deep Dish Red Raspberry Custard
Deep Dish Coconut Custard

All Deep Dish Custard Pies $23

O U R  W E E K L Y  S P E C I A L S

Pork mit Kraut

March 31st - April 2nd

Chicken Pot Pie

April 7th - 9th


Shepherd's Pie

Apri 14th - 16th

Chicken & Waffles

April 21st - 23rd

Pig Stomach

April 28th - 30th

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